What neighborhood do you live in? Tannerwood in North Bend


How long have you lived in that neighborhood?

6 years


What is something most people don't know about you?

I got married when I was 17 and got my real estate license when I was 19.


Why do you think it's important for people to shop local?

I just love supporting my neighbors and local community members! Shopping local strengthens our local economy and builds strong communities.

Where are your favorite places to go in the neighborhood/Valley?

Anywhere I can see Mt. Si, which is pretty much anywhere!! When it is sunny, I love to head to the river with my Springer Spaniel, Roxie.


What are your favorite things to do in the neighborhood/Valley?

Going to any of the various community events, farmers markets, wine walks, etc.


What are your favorite restaurants in the Valley?

One that I think gets overlooked is the Mt. Si Golf Restaurant. The breakfasts there are great, and it's a really pleasant atmosphere! Another that many don't know or forget about is Hammer Lane BBQ...YUM! I also want to mention Got Rice for a great Chinese option and Paesano Ristorante for Italiano. Oh, and the Iron Duck has AMAZING bacon on their burgers!!


What is something most people don't know about the business?

The Messa Group donated over $12K to charitable organizations in 2017, most of which stayed in the Valley! This year we are on track to exceed that amount! We love the Valley and enjoy doing our part to make it an amazing

place to live!


Anything exciting going on that customers should know about?

We have just recently started offering an added bonus that is pretty cool for both our buyers and sellers. We now give every client a vacation (to one of 12 locations) upon closing!

Owner & Broker



I am part of a dynamic real estate team, helping our clients buy, sell and invest in real estate, both residential and commercial. We are known for empowering our clients, creating connections, and building community in the Valley.




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