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Are you a local business owner or professional that is looking to make valuable connections within the Snoqualmie Valley? Keep It Local is your referral and networking, business education, and community connection hub! We boast a diverse group of local business owners and professionals that have a true passion for giving back to the Snoqualmie Valley and helping each other’s businesses thrive!



Business Referrals & Member Networking

  • Connecting with other business owners increases opportunity for our communities to grow

  • Our members have rich ties to unique networks within the Valley. Keep It Local can help spread your business throughout your community and beyond

  • This year alone, our referrals have generated over $170,000 in income for our Keep It Local members!


Small Business Education

  • We bring in various speakers throughout the year to drive new discussions and provide perspectives from our communities

  • Our weekly discussions are designed to help you learn new techniques and refine your own business practices while creating a stronger bond with business owners in the Valley

Visibility in the Snoqualmie Valley Community

  • We support multiple local charities and non-profits by participating in fundraising, volunteering, and donations every year

  • We proudly honor hard workers and encourage greatness through our Employee of The Quarter and High School Scholarship programs

  • Keep It Local believes in the importance of keeping business in the Valley, circulating success by supporting each other, and giving back to our beautiful communities

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