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KATIE & RYAN FIEDLER | Owners, Photographers

(425) 409-3912 




Jubilant Studios is a North Bend based photography studio providing valley residents a custom tailored portrait experience.  We photograph families in every stage of life including weddings, family portraits, maternity portraits, senior portraits, and other special events.

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What neighborhood do you live in? 

We live in the Wilderness Rim neighborhood in North Bend.

How long have you lived in that neighborhood?

We moved into our current home in July of 2007, and have really gotten more involved in our community in the last 3 years.

What is something most people don't know about you?

Most people may not realize that I have a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering!


Why do you think it's important for people to shop local?

The Snoqualmie Valley is a relatively small area full of local businesses who are our neighbors.  There is a strong sense of community that is found in Snoqualmie Valley and I think a lot of that is supported by local businesses being people that you also see around the Valley for their personal lives.  Shopping local helps to support the success of our neighbors, and in most cases actually leads to a much more satisfying experience for the customer.


Where are your favorite places to go in the neighborhood/Valley?

We really enjoy spending the occasional Friday or Saturday morning tucked in behind a doughnut and cup of coffee at Georgia’s Bakery in North Bend.


What are your favorite things to do in the neighborhood/Valley?

Walking on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail and taking friends and family out on local hikes.  


What are your favorite restaurants in the Valley?

Georgia’s Bakery, Mod Pizza, and the North Bend Bar and Grill


What is something most people don't know about the business?

We don’t just offer digital photos, but are a full service photography experience.  We like to meet our clients in person before and after the session, and if they are looking for print products we will help design their albums or wall art digitally, and can even show how a framed print will look on their actual wall before anything is ordered.

Anything exciting going on that customers should know about? 

We have just received some new product samples of some very unique ways of printing and displaying portraits, and we think so many people will see the beauty in printed photos again.

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